Business Brand Consulting

What's in a name? A logo? A company tone of voice in everything you do? A brand is all of that and so much more...


When you start a company, you focus on getting the product right, getting a customer and then another one. Then success starts to happen and you suddenly realise that you need to start to look professional.


Really?? Yes - people start to judge you based on how you look and behave as a company. 

It's at this point you suddenly realise that you have no idea what to do? So you phone a marketing agency in a blind panic and then the penny drops. You don't want or need to spend a fortune on marketing, and you don't know if you need to hire a marketing person... what would they do all day? 


That's where I can help - if you need your website filled with valuable content, or perhaps you need a presence in local media or even social media then give me a call. 


I'm a proactive marketeer - Degree and Chartered Institute qualified and I get things fixed and done - QUICKLY!


Whether you need an hour or a month, why not give me a call to discuss just what you and your business need.